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Written by Joely Rogers

Positive experiences often evolve from challenging times. When we find ourselves struggling with uncertainty or with a little extra time on our hands, it just might be the perfect time to do something for ourselves. Something that perhaps we've been longing to do but just couldn't fit it into our busy schedules such as taking a class, getting organized, working on the next level of our business, honing our craft, or simply staying involved digitally with the creative community. 

Beyond taking the all important family time balanced with focused "me" time, here are some tips for staying productive, creative, and optimistic for the future.

Free Classes Online

Many organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, offer free online classes in everything from photography to fashion design and contemporary art. 

Artsy provides a list of other free art classes available through established universities.

Other online or subscription based learning services, such Skill Share or The Great Courses Plus, offer short curated classes or free trials, but with many of those just be mindful that you will be charged at the end of the trial period if you don't cancel your subscription.

Do Something for Yourself

If you've put off developing important aspects of your business such as a Artist Statement or Artist Biography, now might be a great time to focus on yourself and knock out those projects.

We love advocating for our creative customers. If you've gotten behind updating your website or posting to your social apps, take a day to share your latest work online and expose others to your talent. Use #FrameDestination to share it with our followers all over the world.

Speaking of more exposure, join other professional creatives in our Artist Spotlight Series, Artie's 8. Each month, Artie interviews a different artist, designer, or photographer to ask eight thoughtful questions on a range of topics such as creative blocks, the role of artists in society, best/worst tool purchase, future events, and more. The answers will make you think, laugh, and feel connected. Make Connections. Who knows? Maybe something will inspire you to push beyond your current creative limits. Complete your submission here.

Great Ready for a Brighter Future

Don't forget, if you have photography or art you are framing for future shows, we offer an auto-discount on every order for all art students and faculty plus any photography or art club/society member. For more details or to sign up for your discount, visit our page here.  Also, make sure you sign up for our newsletter for other monthly specials and tips to stay creative and connected.

However you use this time, please know our entire Frame Destination family is wishing you continued health, peace, and success. We are honored to be a part of this creative community and are confident that challenges only make us stronger.

Take care!

Joely Rogers

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