Frame Destination Unveils Advanced Ordering Features

Written by Mark Rogers

Ordering a picture frame is easy with Frame Destination, even if you have lots of personal specifications, unique sizes and requirements. It takes just eight steps to order a custom picture frame—and even though that’s still a lot less effort than most (online) frame shops, we are always looking for ways to make buying picture frames at Frame Destination even easier.

Add Extra Frame Components

The Frame Destination website now allows you to add additional items to your picture frame package with our new "Advanced Options" feature, located at the bottom of the Configure Your Frame page. With this new feature, there is no need to order additional picture framing components separately and waste time re-entering the dimensions. All extra items added to the cart through this feature are cut to the sizes you specified in the order.

Simply select what you want to add to the frame with a couple clicks:


  • Picture frame spacers

Picture frame spacers are useful when you are not using a mat board. They attach to the glazing, keeping it off the image and adding space between the frame and the artwork.

  • Uncut or blank mat boards

With additional blank mats, you can cut your own mat board or use it to set a background color when float mounting. To float mount artwork, two mat boards are often used: one that lies on top of the artwork, much like a standard picture framing package, and one that is used as the backing board.

The top mat board, however, differs from standard framing packages in that the window opening is larger than the artwork itself, which lets you display the entirety of the piece. Float mounting is most often done when there is a signature to display or when the edges of the artwork are textured. The bottom mat board is left uncut, and is used instead of standard mounting board to allow for a wider range of available colors.

  • Backing board

All types of backing board are available to add to an existing frame package, including 2-ply AlphaRag, which can act as a protective barrier between the artwork and the foamboard.

  • Acrylic or glass

Besides simply having extra glazing on hand, you can also use an additional piece of acrylic or glass to sandwich your print, offering a clear, modern border instead of a mat border.

Upload Your Own Artwork

Don’t just visualize what your photograph or print will look like with your chosen picture frame and mat board—see it! Customers can now upload their own pictures with the Image for Preview feature, located under Artwork Size at the top of the Configure Your Frame page.


With this function, you can see what mat board colors and frame styles complement a photo or print. After narrowing down your choices with the Image Preview feature, you can purchase frame moulding samples or mat board sample sets to further confirm the colors and styles of your complete picture frame package.

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