• Frame Destination Unveils Advanced Ordering Features

    Ordering a picture frame is easy with Frame Destination, even if you have lots of personal specifications, unique sizes and requirements. It takes just eight steps to order a custom picture frame—and even though that’s still a lot less effort than most (online) frame shops, we are always... more
  • Book Review: Art Inc.

    Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon Lisa Congdon wants your dream of becoming a working artist to come true. And her book, Art Inc., is all about how to make to that dream a reality. This cute little book contains seven jam-packed chapters focused on the business aspects of being an artist. She starts by... more
  • Inspirational Art Quotes

    I confess…I am an absolute quote junkie. Quotes have been a source of enlightenment, comfort, and inspiration for me since I learned to read, and I have amassed a large, diverse collection of them over the years. One of the cool things about having a picture frame business is that I get to share... more
  • Acid: Art's Natural Enemy

    In even the most beautifully framed art, there may be an unseen threat ready to destroy. Naturally occurring acid in paper and framing materials can cause yellowing, deterioration and ruin not only the frame and mat, but the art as well. Although it may look polished in the beginning, artwork... more
  • How to Make Your Art a Business: Tips on Marketing and Selling Art

    Looking for tips on how to turn your art into a business? “How to Start Making Your Art Your Business: 100 DIY Tips” could be your guide. With each of this book’s chapters listing simple ten one-paragraph tips, it’s a quick and easy read. The author is Tamara Holland, an attorney turned... more
  • Show Us Your Frames: Win $50 From Frame Destination

    Picture frames are our passion. We love personally crafting and assembling high-quality wood and metal pictures for our customers, but we love seeing our frames put to use even more. So show us how you use our picture frames! Throughout 2015, Frame Destination customers who post photos of the... more
  • 7 Easy Ways to Overcome a Creative Block

    Creative blocks, which can be defined as either the inability to create new work or to make progress on a current one, are something most artists experience at least once in their careers. Depending on the individual, a creative block can last anywhere from a few hours, to several years in the most... more
  • Using Photo Display Kits to Create Banners

    Sometimes a product’s great design leads to applications beyond its intended use. For example, Frame Destination's Photo Display Kits provide photographers and artists a simple, affordable, and quick way to create a great display—one that provides protection while drawing viewers’ eyes to... more
  • Curating an Art Show

    Hans Ulrich Obrist, a world-renowned art historian and curator at London’s Serpentine Galleries, described his role as a curator in an interview as “that of a catalyst—and sparring partner.” Good curators make the right things happen in an exhibit, creating the best possible experience... more
  • How to Protect and Preserve Your Digital Prints

    When you spend a significant amount of time and money on a beautiful digital photograph for your home or office, you want to be able to enjoy it for a while. Unfortunately, a variety of factors can affect your digital prints and distort the way they look over time. But take heart, because... more

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