What Are Ready-Made Picture Frames?

Written by Mark Rogers

Great framing protects art and displays photographs at their best. Frame Destination provides quality, affordable framing materials to suit any type of artwork. Our custom frames allow you to choose exactly the right size and style to support and showcase your photographs or artwork. However, custom framing may not always be part of your budget (or time frame), and many pieces of artwork fall into familiar sizes and shapes that don’t require a custom size. To help you get your art framed and displayed quickly, Frame Destination offers affordable ready-made frames that are easy to order and easy to assemble. Unlike many other retailers whose standard size offerings are between 3x5 and 8x10 only, Frame Destination has 20 sizes of ready-made frames available.

Ready-Made Frame Details

Frame Destination’s selection of ready-made frames includes the most useful sizes of larger frames, standard sizes like 8x10 and 10x13, and also less common sizes such as 10x20, 10x30, and 20x30 frames. All of our ready-made frames can be hung vertically or horizontally, making them even more versatile. You can choose between our Profile 2 or Profile 11 black anodized aluminum frames, depending on whether you would like a slightly wider or thinner frame. These durable frames are side-loading for easy use and require no picture corners or mounting tape. We include an 1/8-inch foamboard backing, standard glass or acrylic glazing (larger sizes use acrylic only), and a free wire hanging kit with each frame. As with all of our frames, full instructions for assembling the frames are included so you can get your artwork mounted, framed, and hung with no hassle.

Why Use Ready-Made Frames?

A simple black frame gives artwork a minimalist, modern look. Narrow black frames do not detract from the artwork and can be used in nearly any setting, especially where a more ornate frame may not harmonize with all types of décor. Many art galleries and museums recognize the value of simple black frames for creating an understated look that is consistent across an entire facility or space. You can take a tip from galleries and use matching frames throughout your entire house or office, unifying the look of all of your art and also giving you the versatility to move artwork from room to room or to change one framed piece for another while maintaining the same look.

Choosing a ready-made frame is the simplest way to order one of our aluminum frames if you need a standard size with no matting. Many photographs, prints, and art pieces are made in standard sizes, so unless you want to have matting around your artwork, a ready-made frame allows you to quickly and affordably choose a frame and display your art. Our ready-made frames use the same materials as our custom frames, as such you can be confident that you will be able match any new piece of art in your home or office, even if you need to order a custom size. Just choose a metal custom frame in the same profile as your ready-made frames, either Profile 2 or Profile 11, select no mat, 1/8-inch foamboard, and standard acrylic glazing (or 2mm glass if you prefer, for smaller frames). Your new custom frame will match your ready-made frames exactly, continuing the clean look of your artwork throughout your home or office.

Picking frames for your art should be a pleasure, not a chore, especially if you want your art to remain the focus by using frames that provide a minimalist look. Frame Destination’s selection of high-quality metal picture frames allow you to create your own beautiful gallery of art in no time and at a minimum expense.

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