Solutions for Custom-Made Picture Frames

When framing anything, it is important to get the right frame. Since not all artwork and photos are of a standard size, it is important to have the option to create a custom frame. Frame Destination allows you to choose the frame custom size picture framebest suited to your artwork or photo so you can get the look you are going for. Best of all, since every frame is made individually and to your specifications, you will obtain a professional look. The custom frames from Frame Destination feature quality craftsmanship to frame anything perfectly.

Sizing Your Custom-Made Frame

Start by measuring exactly what it is you need in a frame. The dimensions you need to keep in mind include not only the size of the artwork or photo you are framing but also the mat board you are using, if applicable. Once you know what these dimensions are, you can choose the size of frame that will work best. Keep in mind that at Frame Destination, there are more than 80 different mat board sizes as well as 60 different picture frame sizes to make it easy to get the exact size you need. If you are unsure about how to choose the right sizes, there is a handy Visual Guide to help you measure everything correctly and get perfect frame.

Customize More Than Just the Size

custom size picture frames

Frame Destination also offers you the ability to achieve a custom look. You can choose between the mats as well as the molding. Wood and metal frames are available, and you can choose the design of the frame itself. To protect what you are framing, you can even choose between glass and acrylic covers. With so many options, your frame will look exactly the way you want it to.

Low Pricing

The high-quality craftsmanship you will enjoy in a custom-made frame from Frame Destination is much more affordable than you might think. A picture frame hanging kit is included in each order, and pricing is based on the exact size of your frame rather than on the next frame size up. You can also get major discounts if you are looking to buy in volume.

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Mark Rogers is an amateur photographer and the founder of Frame Destination, Inc. In 2004 Mark realized the framing industry was not keeping up with the evolution of photography via new digital technology and started Frame Destination in his garage. Now his company has thousands of do-it-yourself framing customers across the US that it helps with its 11,000 square feet production facility in Dallas, TX.

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