2014 Picture Frames Trends

Written by Mark Rogers

Trends come and trends go, even for picture frames and artistic arrangements. 2014 looks to be an exciting year for a lot of reasons, and the upcoming trends in art and picture frames are sure to excite you. Here's what you can expect in 2014.

Snow White Is In

The minimalist palette has been taking a number of industries by storm, including fashion and web design. The most probable base for 2014 spring fashion to be snow white, though picture frame trendsit's likely to be paired with pastels in the fashion world. While fashion doesn't directly influence trends for picture frames, it does play a role in the decision because you in your stunning fashion choices need to have pictures, and those pictures need to go in frames that complement your fashion rather than clash with it.
The plus side to the snow white color trend is that it works well with most palettes. Too much can make a room look stark, but when properly used as an accent, it's crisp and inviting. Consider pairing it with a turquoise, red, canary, or magenta mat to offset your artwork even more with some of the trends for 2014's hot fashion color predictions. You can also use a soft minty green, rosy lilac, or baby blue.

Simple, Not Ornate

In looking over the selections for art shows and competitions, it’s clear that 2014 pieces will revolve around abstract art. The rule of thumb for framing abstract art is to keep the frame simple. While Baroque and Renaissance style paintings often work well in more elaborate frames, abstract art can easily overpower the eye. It's important to keep the frames basic and classic. Metal picture frames often work well with abstract art, given the typical primary color choices. When considering buying frames in advance, remember to think clean lines. Focus on picture frames that don't have embellishments. The simpler the cut, the better. The great part about this trend is that you can stock up now. Even if this trend doesn't last long, you can reuse your picture frames for other projects.

Prepare for the 3D

Experts predict that 3D printing will explode in 2014. Some of the early pieces used for these tests and developmental projects included a lot of art. 3D art will likely become quite popular as well. It's distinct from regular sculptures in the way that it is created and also in the way that it is presented. As a result, deep picture frames, similar to shadow boxes, will probably start to become popular again. They're likely to develop into a niche market of their own. Hold off on buying deep picture frames though. This trend may make it big, but the size frame you need all depends on the kind of 3D artwork you decide to purchase.

2014 is going to be a great year, and the art world looks like it'll have some wonderful trends as well. If you want to get a head start on these upcoming trends, then go ahead and stock up on snow white frames and simple frames. You can get the deep set frames if you want, but whether they'll work for your specific piece of 3D art is more uncertain. Simple frames and even more elaborate white frames can all be completely redeveloped to make them perfect for whatever style you want.

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