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    How to Get Rid of Reflections on Picture Frames

    You’ve matted and mounted your artwork, positioned it on the wall and finally hung it proudly. But when you step back to take a look at your handiwork, you notice something: your reflection. It’s a common problem in framing and hanging artwork, diploma frames or photos, one that the museums...
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  • Resources Glazing

    How to Clean and Care for Acrylic

    Acrylic has three qualities that make it an excellent substitute for glass in picture framing. It is shatterproof, lightweight and an excellent thermal insulator. Acrylic does require some special care and handling. Listed below are suggestions for cleaning and caring for acrylic. Cleaning: Never...
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  • Glazing

    Pros and Cons of Acrylic Glazing for Framing

    Acrylic is a type of glazing that can be used in place of glass for picture framing. It is often referred to by the brand name of Plexiglas. While glass picture frame glazing may be traditional, acrylic glazing offers many of the same features (UV-filter, non-glare) as glass with a few added...
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  • Resources

    Checklist on Caring for Your Art

    When you’re an artist, you may often leave artwork out in the studio or stored safely away. Sometimes, however, your studio or the materials and location you select to store your artwork can have detrimental consequences on your art in the long term. The Studio Environment If you create your...
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  • Resources Picture Frames

    How to Use Canvas Floater Frames to Display Museum-Worthy Art

    Frames can make or break a piece of art. There’s a reason why art galleries choose certain frames for their collections — even a priceless Picasso would look cheap in a frame from a discount store. You don’t have to have an art gallery budget to make your art look priceless, though. Canvas...
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  • Storage Accessories

    Archival Storage Boxes: Protecting Your Memories

    If you were inside a burning house, you’d be frantically grabbing  things: your kids, your pets, your spouse, and yes, even your mother-in-law. You might also grab, if you were able, as many photographs as you could handle. In fact, photos are among the first material items people think to save...
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