Mat board types for picture framing

mat pictureSelecting a matboard for the first time can be challenging when you are not familiar with the terminology. To help make this easier I have updated the Frame Destination website to provide more information about our matting choices. Click on our Mat Board Help Page. We offer the three basic types of mat board: wood pulp, alpha cellulose, and cotton rag. They range in cost and cost and archival capabilities. Wood pulp, otherwise know as paper mat board is the least expensive but only recommended for temporary framing. Alpha cellulose and cotton rag matboards are archival because those materials are naturally inert and acid free. Papermat can be buffered but they will return to being acidic over time.


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Mark Rogers is an amateur photographer and the founder of Frame Destination, Inc. In 2004 Mark realized the framing industry was not keeping up with the evolution of photography via new digital technology and started Frame Destination in his garage. Now his company has thousands of do-it-yourself framing customers across the US that it helps with its 11,000 square feet production facility in Dallas, TX.

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