Frame Destination’s RUSH FEE: When you need it NOW

As Vice President of Frame Destination, I have the pleasure of talking to artists every single day. Each artist is a unique individual and their art is a reflection of this uniqueness. They do, however, share some common issues such as getting their work accepted in gallery shows and art fairs, framing it in time for these shows, and marketing and selling their work.

Last month, after being a (mostly) closet artist for 20 years, I decided to try showing some of my artwork here in Dallas. To my surprise and delight, I was accepted into a winter show put on by a well-respected local arts organization. To my dismay, I had less than a week to get my art framed before the drop-off date at the gallery! I had just personally experienced one of my customer’s main issues, that being they were accepted into a gallery show at the last minute and needed their frames ASAP!

frame destination warehouseNow you are probably wondering why this is a problem given that I have access to a warehouse full of picture frames, matboard, mountboard, and acrylic? Regardless of the fact that I’m the VP, I still have to follow the same ordering procedure as Frame Destination’s customers.

Our employees work off a production queue and they process orders based on the date/time of receipt. Our normal processing time for orders is 1 – 3 business days, and shipping adds an additional few days. Sometimes though, you need things a little faster. This is where Frame Destination’s RUSH FEE comes in handy. Our RUSH FEE is only 10% of the product(s) cost. Selecting it puts you at the front of the order queue insuring a faster processing time. Orders with a RUSH FEE normally ship out within 24 hours of receipt!

Using the RUSH FEE enabled my frames to be ready in time for the gallery drop-off date. And, I know from talking to our customers that it has helped them meet their deadlines as well. To add a RUSH FEE to your order simply click the blue RUSH FEE button in the shopping cart once you’ve added your products. Please note that adding the RUSH FEE does not mean expedited shipping, just expedited order processing. If you need a faster transit time we offer FedEx Overnight, 2nd Day, and Express Saver options.

Joely Rogers, Vice President
Frame Destination Inc.


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Mark Rogers is an amateur photographer and the founder of Frame Destination, Inc. In 2004 Mark realized the framing industry was not keeping up with the evolution of photography via new digital technology and started Frame Destination in his garage. Now his company has thousands of do-it-yourself framing customers across the US that it helps with its 11,000 square feet production facility in Dallas, TX.

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