Frame Destination Featured in Professional Photographer

Written by Mark Rogers

Metal print media is increasingly popular and the trend was covered in a great article in the December 2013 issue of Professional Photographer. However, as the article pointed out, printing on metal comes with its own unique set of challenges – especially during shipping.

The one disadvantage that the article points out is the vulnerable edges is media is prone to. This means that special care needs to be taken during packing, shipping and handling.

Professional Photographer recommends housing metal media in a custom-sized bubble bag to ensure there’s proper space to protect the edges of the artwork during shipping. The article specifically calls out the FrameDestination GalleryPouch as a great option.

Here’s an excerpt:

The key is to leave at least a few inches of air all around the edges of the print when packing and to use a strong box. Plastic bags or custom-sized bubble bags such a GalleryPouch bags from Frame Destination ( could be your first line of defense before taping each print between corrugated boards-corrugated so there’s air space all around.

Read the full article, Metal Best Prints.

Full Disclosure: The article was written by GalleryPouch designer Andrew Darlow. He knows first hand how frustrating it can be when art is damaged during shipping and helped develop the GalleryPouch to give artists like himself a better option.

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