Frame Destination Featured in Photo District News

Written by Mark Rogers

We know the headache of trying to safely and securely ship or transport your framed art without the frame getting scratched, dented, or damaged. Traditional shipping supplies just didn’t cut it. That’s why our innovative GalleryPouch was born. A high-quality, durable bubble bag available in custom sizes, the pouch is specifically designed for shipping framed art.

Photo District News recently featured the GalleryPouch in the spring edition of its publication. Here’s an excerpt:

If you’ve ever tried to ship your photos to another location, you’ve probably already encountered this problem. Though bubble wrap might be OK for transporting large, bulky objects, it doesn’t really cut it for flat, framed photos. To make life a little easier for the busy photographer, Frame Destination has begun selling GalleryPouch Gold, a clever bubble bag designed to protect artwork.

Read the full article, Gallery Pouch Gold.

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