Frame Destination Featured in PetaPixel

Written by Mark Rogers

In this article by PetaPixel, the former professional photographer, creative director, and author, Harald Johnson, aims to answer the question, “Is Anybody Still Printing Photos?”  

Are inkjet fine-art photo prints which were first made possible by Epson, Canon, and HP really a thing of the past? What about digital printing and dye sublimation — are metal prints the hot new kid on the block? This project not only satisfied Harald’s curiosity, but helped him determine if the content of his first book, “Mastering Digital Printing”, was still relevant. Several industry experts chimed in to help him answer those burning questions.  

Here’s an excerpt:

After Dallas photographer Mark Rogers started searching for picture frames for his self-printed inkjet prints, he soon learned that retail frame shops did not offer the kind of ready-made frames he was looking for in non-standard sizes such 13×19, 10×15 or 8×12 inches. “When I discovered there were many people with similar needs,” explains Mark, “I founded Frame Destination” which sells picture frames and do-it-yourself framing supplies to photographers and others for protecting and displaying their prints.

Read the full article, Digital Photo Printing: 10 Years After 

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