Frame Destination Featured in Entrepreneur

Frame Destination was founded when I stumbled upon a problem that frustrated me as an amateur photographer – the difficulty of getting high-quality, custom sized frames for my prints.

I launched Frame Destination in 2004 to help solve that problem for other photographers and artists. Entrepreneur spoke to me for a piece about starting your own business while you still have a “regular” 9-5 job.

Here’s an excerpt:

“It turns out most frame companies were not making it easy for photographers to buy frames in the sizes they needed. With the popularity of digital photography, Rogers says, "I was frustrated with the lack of [alternate] frame sizes from the usual suppliers." He also had difficulty finding standard-size frames that would help reduce fading and would not cause yellowing. Rather than continue to deal with the frustration, he decided to start manufacturing and selling gallery-style picture frames to fine-art photographers.”

Read the full article, The Weekend Entrepreneur.

The Weekend Entrepreneur is also a book - Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash. You can find my story there as well!

About the author


Mark Rogers is an amateur photographer and the founder of Frame Destination, Inc. In 2004 Mark realized the framing industry was not keeping up with the evolution of photography via new digital technology and started Frame Destination in his garage. Now his company has thousands of do-it-yourself framing customers across the US that it helps with its 11,000 square feet production facility in Dallas, TX.

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