Photography Tips: Do Bubble Bags Make a Difference?

If you have multiple pieces of artwork or photographs that you want to rotate for display in your home, you are faced with the issue of how to store and protect the art that is not on display at any given time. Especially once a photograph has been mounted and framed, it becomes a valuable piece of art with distinct memories and value for decorating your home. If pictures or frames become damaged while stored, however, they may not be suitable for display any longer, especially if the damage is severe.

To avoid having to re-frame your artwork because of accidental damage while stored, you need to properly wrap and protect your picture frames and framed artwork. This is where bubble bags come in as one of the simplest, most effective ways to protect framed art and similar items while stored.

What Are Bubble Bags?

GalleryPouch™ Gold Premium Bubble Bags take the idea of basic bubble wrap a step further. They employ heavy-duty double laminated construction with 3/16-inch polyethylene bubbles to protect whatever is stored inside them. Instead of traditional sheets of bubble wrap, which need to be cut to size, wrapped, and secured with tape, bubble bags provide a simple and secure pouch that you can slide your framed photographs or artwork into. The bubbles are enclosed inside smooth sides protecting the bubbles from breaking and making it easy to slip your artwork inside without catching on any bubbles. Bubble bags are made in two versions – one with a Velcro closure on the open flap and one without – giving you the choice of how you want to close and secure your items.

How to Use Bubble Bags

A bubble bag makes it so simple to safely wrap and store your artwork that you’ll never again be tempted to skip wrapping framed items for storage and risking damage. Bubble bags are also ideal if you need to ship a framed piece of artwork to someone else, or if you are moving and need to pack all of your artwork. Artists who display their work in gallery shows will love the speed and simplicity of using bubble bags to protect their framed art while traveling.

When ordering a bubble bag, it's important to select the right size for your framed art. Instead of the frame's mat size, the bubble bag needs to be ordered to fit the frame’s actual size. For example, a 16- by 20-inch frame is actually several inches larger on each side than 16 by 20 inches, depending on the width and thickness of the frame bars. Bubble bags need to be sized to fit easily over a frame without stretching. In order to make sure you get the right size of bubble bag, Frame Destination offers a size estimator for their exclusive GalleryPouch™ Gold Bubble Bags. There are also bags in the correct sizes to store rolled art or other important documents that are rolled for storage.

If you are a serious photographer, you have more than just artwork to protect. Bubble bags are also great for storing and protecting all kinds of sensitive or delicate gear. You can invest in bags small enough to protect lenses and large enough for tripods. Bubble bags are also good for protecting other kinds of technology for storing or shipping, including smartphones, laptops, iPads and other types of tablets.
If you’ve made a large investment in time, money, or both in your artwork or in other items, they are worth storing correctly to protect that investment. Premium bubble bags make it easy.

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