Art Packaging Simplified with the Gallery Pouch

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The Gallery Pouch reusable art packaging solution from Frame Destination has simplified Art packing, shipping and transporting of picture frames and gallery wraps. Feedback from galleries, museums and artists who use art packaging for shipping and protecting their fine art are in agreement that the Gallery Pouch is the preferred solution.

A Unique Art Packing Solution for Artists

Artists appreciate the unique features of the Gallery Pouch. Made from clear polyethylene, you can still see through the bag, so that when artwork is packed inside there is no need for unpacking it to see which piece is inside. The durability of the Pouch has been lauded as well. Both the flat bag or rounded tube versions are crafted from three-sixteenths of an inch thick polyethylene, which create a very strong and durable bag that will stand up to reuse with style. The Gallery Pouch is simple and easy to use; there is a velcro closure on either the width or the length, providing the ultimate ease of use. Pouches are available in over one hundred different sizes, and you can even get them custom sized as well. These lightweight art packing solutions, use air bubbles sealed within polyethylene layers, making them an inexpensive yet durable option that helps to cut down on shipping costs on art packing used for shipping or transporting artwork.

Customer Feedback on Gallery Pouch Art Packing

The Gallery Pouch is a true success story in the field of Art Packaging. Our customers have liked this product, and have found it to be more durable, protective and easier to use than conventional art packing methods. With regard to the Gallery Pouch, our customers report that in the past they had trouble with screws damaging frames located on the bottom of a stack of artwork packaged with ordinary bubble wrap, but the Gallery Pouch is, “strong enough to not ever have to worry about that problem, which for us, is huge. So we were very happy with it and its performance . . . ”. Others say that Gallery Pouches “allow me to have custom-sized, water proof and cushioned storage for my valuable work. . .”. Another satisfied customer states that “Having purchased more than 60 Gallery Pouch bubble bags to protect framed images for art shows during transport, I'm extremely pleased to see how sturdy they are, and how well they hold up . . . I am very pleased to see that Gallery Pouch bags live up to the quality I have come to experience from Frame Destination!”

We offer sample Gallery Pouch Art packing bags, so you can see for yourself just how strong they are. You can check these and other art packaging supplies at

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