5 Spooky Crafts to Scare Up Some Fun

The beautiful season of fall is now upon us and with it comes creepy, spooky, Halloween fun in October! Have extra frames lying around? Need some inspiration to get into the holiday spirit? In honor of Halloween, here are five fun, spooky crafts you can do with picture frames. Get the kids involved!

1. Edgar Allan Poe-esque Halloween Wreath

Edgar Allan Poe was a pretty creep-tacular guy, and his poetry and short stories gives chills to even the most skeptical readers. A raven Halloween wreath will add just the right amount of spook to your front door this fall. You’ll need a hot glue gun, strong ribbon, a black feather boa, a toy raven, and a small picture frame. First, hot-glue the boa around the outside of the front of the frame. Once it’s dry, glue on the raven and then tie the bow around the top—leaving a loop for you to hang it from a hook on your door. If Edgar Allan Poe and ravens aren’t your thing, you can use any kind of boa made with autumn colors to wrap around the frame—just replace the raven with a pumpkin or a black cat!

2. 10-Minute Giant Yarn Spider Web

The only materials needed for this spooky spider web project are a frame, yarn, and tape. Take the yarn and wrap a giant “X” in the middle of the frame, taping each end in the back of each corner of the frame. Continue to make “X” shapes with other pieces of yarn at different angles, taping each end to the back. Don’t forget the “web rings” in your web! This tutorial suggests you cut “a very long strand of yarn for each section…,fold it in half and start the ring with a simple loop knot.” Weave the yarn through the “X” pieces until you reach your desired effect. To pump up the spook factor, glue plastic spiders throughout the web.

3. Spooky Silhouettes

For a more subtle, sophisticated approach to Halloween decor, try making “spooky silhouettes” and framing them for display around your home. The Better Homes and Gardens website provides free patterns for this project—including Frankenstein’s monster or even a witch! Once you download the patterns, trace the silhouettes onto black card stock and cut them out. Glue the silhouettes onto white card stock and frame them as you would other photos.

4. Googly-Eye Frames

This is a fun project to do with kids! The completed frames can be used as decoration for many Halloweens to come. All you need is a wood frame, paint, glue, a couple bags of googly eyes, a foam brush, and a photo of your kid in his or her Halloween costume. Take any size frame and paint it whatever color strikes your fancy. Once it’s dry, pick out a few different sizes of googly eyes and glue them all over the picture frame. If you have the time, make one for each year your child dressed up for Halloween and display them every October.

5. Spooky Hand and Footprints

This craft combines a fun, family activity with the creation of keepsakes that your family can treasure forever. Making spooky hand and footprints requires black and orange construction paper, black and white paint, a sponge, googly eyes, a black marker, and two frames.

Ghost Footprint

The size of the paper and the frame will depend on your child’s foot size. Have your child stand on a newspaper. Paint your child’s foot white, being sure to get every nook and cranny of their foot covered with paint (this will be fun for them!). Next, have them step down as hard as they can onto a black sheet of construction paper to make the ghost. Once the footprint has dried, use a black magic marker to color black circles for the two eyes and mouth. Place the sheet of construction paper on top of cardboard and insert it into the frame.

Spider Handprint

Put a thick coat of black paint all over your child’s palm and fingers, excluding their thumb. Gently press their hand down onto the center of the orange construction paper with their fingers pointing toward the edge of the page. Repaint their hand and repeat this step—only this time, have their fingers face the other edge of the paper. This makes the eight legs of the spider. Once the paint dries, glue on the googly eyes and then place the sheet inside a picture frame.

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