How to Remove the Protective Covering from Your Acrylic Glazing

Acrylite acrylic glazing is a popular substitute for glass in picture framing because it is lightweight and shatterproof.

When you purchase acrylic glazing from Frame Destination it will arrive with a protective covering on both sides. This covering must be removed before framing your artwork. The following images demonstrate how to easily remove it.

Warning - Acrylic is easy to scratch.

Remove the covering on a smooth, flat surface.

Use your fingernail to peel back the covering on one of the corners. Steady the acrylic by keeping one hand on the covered portion, rather than the exposed one. This minimizes the chance of fingerprints you’ll have to clean off later. Continue peeling.

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Flip it over and remove the other side.


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Storage Tips:

It won’t come off! The covering is attached to acrylic with adhesive. When the covering is difficult to remove it is normally because the adhesive has dried out. Exposure to heat and sunlight will cause it to dry out faster. Store the acrylic in a cool, dark place and use within two years. Kerosene, hexane, or aliphatic naphtha can dissolve the stubborn adhesive. Always follow the manufacturer’s usage and safety guidelines when working with dangerous chemicals.

  • Store the acrylic in a cool, dry place away from light until removal
  • Remove the covering within two years


Acrylic is sensitive to scratching and has special cleaning requirements. It is also carries a static charge. Follow the tips below when cleaning acrylic.

Acrylic Cleaning Tips:

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*Plain water is the safest alternative to acrylic cleaner.*

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