• How to Frame 3D Art

    Memories are not just captured in photographs, and artwork encompasses far more than just two-dimensional paintings. Framing 3D objects—sports memorabilia, medals, flower bouquets and even jewelry or pieces of porcelain—opens the doors to decorating your home with what you truly want to... more
  • 5 Scrapbooking Mistakes to Avoid

    Years ago, a printed photo was a special one—film was expensive, and you had to make a special trip to get them printed by a professional. These days, with cameras on smartphones and the ability to print at home with just a click of a button, many people have stockpiled thousands of digital and... more
  • How to Organize Those Photos

    Years of family outings, birthday parties, school events and other photograph-worthy moments can amount to innumerable boxes of printed photographs and negatives. It can be overwhelming to think about organizing hundreds or even thousands of photos that you’ve left to “take care of later.”... more
  • What Do I Need to Frame a Photo?

    “What do I need to frame a photo?” is a common question from DIY framers. While many people turn to pre-made kits from department stores, those kits can’t always give you the custom look that you want. Whether it’s a different mat size or color, a larger frame, a deeper frame, or any other... more
  • 5 Tips for a Successful Gallery Show

    Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, most artists dream of seeing their work hung in a gallery and being the star of the show’s opening night. While art is all around us, landing a gallery show can be mystifying. Who do you talk to? What should you expect? How do gallery owners decide... more
  • DIY Picture Framing for Beginners

    Emily Jones is a young Texas-based artist specializing in whimsical watercolor images. She’s also a newbie to DIY picture framing and was kind enough to write a blog post for us detailing her experiences with our website and products. Check out more of her artwork at Emily Erin... more
  • Framing Large Canvases in a Wood Floater Frame

    Floater frames are one of our top-selling items for artists looking for a way to give their stretched canvases a more professional look. These frames are named for the illusion they create: once set in the frame, the artwork “floats” within it, providing a striking, streamlined, and... more
  • The Best Way to Preserve Old Documents, Plants, and Keepsakes

    Picture frames, mat boards, and glazing help protect artwork and keepsakes from deterioration, but how do you protect unframed materials? Especially those with organic materials like dried roses from a wedding bouquet, or something more extensive, like a collection of plants. My grandfather was a... more
  • How to Position and Attach a Hanging Kit to Your Metal Picture Frame

    If you want to hang your framed art or photo on a wall, you’ll need a picture hanging kit or brackets. Using a hanging kit gives you more flexibility and a lower chance of uneven hanging than brackets because it is wire-based and can easily be adjusted. All of Frame Destination’s complete metal... more
  • How to Clean an Ornate Frame

    Receiving a piece of art in an ornate frame is both a blessing and a curse. At some point, you’ll have to deal with cleaning that frame with all its embellishments. The frame is beautiful, but, more often than not, it has an intricate design and a delicate finish that requires extra care when... more

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