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Stretcher Bar Frames S140
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S140 Stretcher Frame – 1-5/16" Tall and 1-1/2" Wide. Heavy duty profile ideal for gallery wrap for unframed canvas or canvas framed in a metal or wood floater frame. Will not collapse during stretching and already pre-squared and ready-made. Note: Corners are not adjustable. If you need to adjust for canvas sagging use traditional tongue and groove stretcher bars.

Works well mounted in our Floater Frame Profile F120 or Profile F150.

Preassembled Stretcher Frame composed of high quality strainer wood. We hand glue and nail the strainer strips together into solid wood frames with 90 degree corners. Our stretcher strips have rounded faces to help prevent canvas cracking. Our strainer bar frame offers HUGE savings in time and frustration so you can spend more time focused on your art and less time displaying it.

Note, because our frames are composed of high quality solid wood stretcher bars they may require the use of a higher quality nail gun to ensure the nails holding the canvas are seated properly.

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