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Acrylic Glazing for Picture Frames

Acrylic, an alternative to traditional glass glazing, is optically pure, lightweight and impact resistant. Our high-quality Acrylite® acrylic sheets are suitable for any picture framing project, large or small.

We offer acrylic glazing options that feature:

  • Non-glare: A slightly etched surface reduces the glare to allow more visibility of the artwork
  • UV-Filter: A conservation grade solution that blocks harmful UV rays
  • UV/Non-glare: With both UV protection and a non-glare surface, this protects and enhances framed artwork

For an in-depth guide to choosing acrylic, read our acrylic selection guide

Standard Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Framing grade

Non-Glare Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Framing grade with Non-Glare matte surface

UV Filter Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Conservation grade with 98% UV protection

UV / Non-Glare Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Conservation grade with 98% UV protection and
Non-Glare matte surface

Acrylic Cleaning Supplies

Don't use regular cleaning supplies on acrylic! You may end up damaging the glazing.
Glass, Acrylic and Document Cleaning Supplies

Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner & Polish

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Microfiber Smooth Towel

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Acrylic sheets are the most durable and economical glazing solutions available. Although glass is the traditional material, acrylic has unbeatable characteristics: for one, it is virtually indestructible. Its strength is particularly useful for children’s rooms, indoor sports areas and even museums, where broken glass could irreparably damage valuable artwork.

About Acrylic

Acrylite acrylic

Acrylic, including the trade names Acrylite® and Plexiglas®, is an excellent glazing choice for picture framing. Acrylic offers the beautiful clarity of the finest picture frame glazing, without the heaviness or breakability of glass. It is a safer alternative at half the weight of glass, many times more resistant to impact, and easier to handle. It is safe for use in childrens rooms, schools, sports arenas, and with irreplaceable artwork. Acrylic is more optically pure than glass and does not have a green tint. Acrylic provides exceptional optical purity.

We offer several types of acrylic:

  • Standard Acrylic - regular acrylic, 1/10 inch framing grade acrylic is an exceptional general-purpose glazing for cherished memorabilia, photographs and prints as well as for valued artwork.
  • UV Filter Acrylic - UV filtering, 1/10 inch conservation grade acrylic is pure protection from the irreversible effects of UV damage. It protects from both natural and artificial light. UV filtering acrylic filters out 98% of damaging UV rays, protecting paper-borne artwork, prints and documents from fading, yellowing and brittling. UV protection is built in to the acrylic so it does not scratch or wear off.
  • Non-Glare Acrylic - Non-glare, 1/10 inch framing grade acrylic with non-glare matte surface is designed to minimize glare and reflection and maximize the unhindered viewing of framed artwork and prints. This special matte finish shows off the art from almost any angle under typical lighting conditions.
  • UV/Non-Glare Acrylic - UV filtering with Non-glare, 1/10 inch conservation grade offers UV protection with a matte finish for glare-free viewing and enduring enjoyment.

Acrylic Information:

  • Optically pure
  • Lightweight
  • Shatter resistant
  • Standard, Ultraviolet (UV) filter and Non-glare surfaces available
  • Acrylite sheet contains no plasticizers or acids that could potentially damage framed products and can be classified as "acid-free".

Acrylic from Frame Destination® is the perfect choice for your large-size photo prints, corporate and institutional artwork, and images displayed in high-traffic locations such as schools, sports arenas, and daycares.