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Archival Photo Storage Boxes - Acid Free

Archival Photo Storage Boxes

Archivalware museum quality photo storage boxes available in several sizes. All boxes are 3 inches deep and have a black exterior with a white interior. Our photo boxes are acid-free and buffered to help protect your photos. The corners are reinforced to provide stacking strength.

  • Museum Quality
  • Acid-Free
  • Three Inches Deep
  • Black Exterior/White Interior
  • Buffered
  • Metal Reinforced Corners
  • Quantity Discounts!


8x10 Archival Photo Storage Box 733-2008 - Acid Free -
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9x12 Archival Photo Storage Box 733-2009 - Acid Free -
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11x14 Archival Photo Storage Box 733-2011 - Acid Free -
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11x17 Archival Photo Storage Box 733-2017 - Acid Free -
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13x19 Archival Photo Storage Box 733-2019 - Acid Free -
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16x20 Archival Photo Storage Box 733-2016 - Acid Free -
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22x30 Archival Photo Storage Box 733-2022 - Acid Free -
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The type of photo storage products you use is a key factor in protecting your precious photo memories, artistic endeavors or professional portfolios. Whether you need to organize your images for long-term archival, put together a portfolio that you will present on a regular basis, or just need a basic photo prints storage box and bags, we have all the high-quality photo storage products you need.

Our wide range of photo storage products includes photo storage boxes, archival photo storage boxes, acid-free storage boxes, storage bags, print sleeves, CD/DVD storage albums, and acid-free photo storage tissue. Each photo storage product we carry comes in a number of dimensions to meet your needs.

Our 3-inch deep photo storage boxes come in six different dimensions, including 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14, 11 x 17, 13 x 19, 16 x 20, and 22 x 30. Each photo storage box has a white interior and is made of an acid-free buffered board that helps neutralize airborne pollutants and other types of contamination. The metal corners of each photo storage box give them stacking strength and eliminate the need for potentially dangerous adhesives.