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Foamboard Acid Free Artcare 1/8 inch
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Bainbridge Artcare™ 1/8 inch thick archival ACID FREE foamcore foamboard. Outperforms all other acid-free foamboads as it traps and neutralizes external pollutants and removes harmful chemicals. 1/8 inch thick. Lightweight and extremely rigid with smooth white mounting surface.

Recommended for conservation picture framing and mounting.

With protective Artcare™ MicroChamber® technology, this foamcore foamboard renders external pollutants harmless. Artcare™ archival foamboard offers picture framers unique preservation qualities that no other brand of archival foamboard can deliver.

NOTE: Size "32x40 Raw Sheet*" - Uncut directly from manufacturer, not exactly 32x40: may be 1/16" undersize and up to 1/4" oversize, and not square.

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