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AlphaRag 4Ply MatBoard Blank
Item # MU4ARG0000
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Not all colors are available in oversize. See below for details.

NOTE: Size "32x40 Raw Sheet*" - Uncut directly from manufacturer, not exactly 32x40: may be 1/16" undersize and up to 1/4" oversize, and not square.

Need CUSTOM size? If your desired size is not found in the drop down list, then select CUSTOM under "Choose Size" - at the top of the list.

Uncut (Blank) solid Bainbridge 4-Ply Alpharag mat sheet with NO opening. If you need a window cut in the mat to show your artwork then go to our Precut 4-Ply Alpharag Mat Board. This is sheet mat board for those cutting their own mats, or wanting to use this mat board to mount their photo to. Available in over 60 frame sizes including full matboard sheet size of 32x40 inches.

Not sure about the color? Due to variances among color monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact. Click Here to order a Color Mat Sample Kit

OVERSIZE NOTE: Oversized mat boards may require additional processing time. The colors shown below ARE available in oversize:

  • 8655 - Pure White
  • 8634 - White
  • 8647 - Pearl White
  • 8656 - Natural White
  • 8640 - Antique White
  • 8645 - Ivory
  • 8664 - Special Cream
  • 8646 - Khaki
  • 8673 - Deep Sage
  • 8669 - Black Shadow
  • 8644 - Ebony (black)

Core color matches the surface color and the surface is smooth.

Click here for pre-cut 4-ply AlphaRag matboard with opening.

Bainbridge 4-Ply Artcare™ AlphaRag Mat Board – 1/16 inch thick, 100% cotton, ACID FREE museum-quality preservation pre-cut mat board. Actively protects from airborne pollutants. Reduces yellowing and fading. Free of ground wood and lignin. Fade and bleed resistant. Conservation quality matboard.

If you are not sure about the color you can order our Color Matboard Sample Kit or stop by a store such as Michaels and view their Bainbridge mat samples.

Need backing board? It is sold separately here: Mount Board, Foam Board and Foamcore

Solid core mat board constructed of four plies of cotton for superior rigidity, strength, and consistent color throughout, including the bevel. This matboard is treated with the Bainbridge Artcare™ Archival System with MicroChamber® technology allowing it to actively protect the image from airborne pollutants and acid by-products within the picture frame.

Recommended for valuable works of original art, rare and antique documents, fine art prints, limited edition prints, and photographs.

Guaranteed color consistency. Meets and exceeds FACTS Guide for Permanence in Mat and Mounting Boards. Mat board is buffered to maintain alkaline pH with an Alkaline reserve of 3-5% as measured by ANSI IT9.2-1991 Sec 5.25.

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