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26-inch Hanging Kit for Metal Side-Loading Frame
Item # FAHKITMET10000950000
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Hanging Kit for Metal Side-Loading Picture Frames. This kit includes:
  • Two (2) Euro steel hangers (wire hanger for metal frames similar to Omni hangers) prestarted with slotted headless screws for attaching the wire to the frame
  • 32 inches of 15 lb plastic coated wire
  • Two (2) wall bumpers
The Euro steel hangers can either be used to string wire with two hangers installed on the vertical sides of the frame, or they can simply receive a wall hanger.

Ideal for hanging Nielsen Ready-Made Photography Collection side-loading metal picture frames. NOTE: This is not the proper hanging kit choice for Nielsen Gallery Collection style back-loading metal frames.

Picture Frame Hanging Kit Selection Guide.

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