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GalleryPouch™ Bubble Bags

Transport Your Picture Frames & Canvas Easily and Safely!

GalleryPouch™ Gold w/Velcro

GalleryPouch™ Gold w/Flap

  • Protects Picture Frames
  • Protects Canvas Gallery Wraps
  • Protects Rolled Canvas and Prints
  • Available with Resealable Velcro®
  • Smooth Bubble Wrap®
  • Use over and over again
  • Available in 100's of Sizes
  • Custom Sizes Available

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GalleryPouch™ Gold 6x6 Sample

"Frame Destination's Gallery Pouches have been a great resource for my Fine Art Photography - they allow me to have custom-sized, water proof, & cushioned storage for my valuable work. At a recent show, I lost several pieces of work due to water damage read about it here on my blog, Gallery Pouches would have saved my work. I wish I would have had these a long time ago! From now, on I'll use them at all my shows and exhibitions! " - Josh Trefethen Photography
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Protect your artwork with the GalleryPouch™. An easy and affordable method to protect artwork for transportation and storage, the GalleryPouch™ is the perfect solution for artists who have struggled with the question of how to protect artwork in a safe and convenient way. If you have considered how to protect your artwork from bumps and scratches during delivery or transport, the GalleryPouch™ provides a long lasting solution.

Created by photographers and artists to meet the unique needs of transporting art, the GalleryPouch™ is essentially a bubble bag constructed of durable material. Designed to quickly and easily protect your artwork, GalleryPouch™ Gold uses quality, sturdy double lamination surrounding 3/16 inch bubbles. The smooth surfaced bubble bags are sturdy, long lasting and difficult to pop. Frames, collectibles, prints and rolled canvas are just a few of the items that can be easily stored and transported in a durable bubble bag. The GalleryPouch™ is available in custom sizes and can be ordered with a flap or with a velcro closure. You no longer have to worry about how to protect your artwork, now you can transport your picture frames and canvas easily and safely!


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