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6ft White VELCRO® brand Hook & Loop Fastener Tape
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White Heavy Duty VELCRO® brand Hook & Loop Fastener Tape. Backed with industrial strength pressure sensitive adhesive designed for plastic material such as our GalleryPouch™ bubble bags  for transporting artwork. The Hook tape is 3/4" and the Loop tape is 5/8" to make it easier for the flap (with loop) to catch the bag (with hook). We recommend placing the soft side (loop) on the flap of your GalleryPouch® bag (and the hook side on the bag section) to help avoid the possibility of any scratching of the contents as they are removed from the bag.

6 Feet – 3/4" VELCRO® brand Hook 88 (with over 400 hooks per square inch) :
6 Feet – 5/8" VELCRO® brand Loop 1000

Both are backed with industrial strength pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for substrates such as low energy plastics, polyethylene, painted steel and Aluminum.

Adhesive is high tack-quick setting
Achieves 80% bond strength in 1 hr

Do-it-yourself - use our VELCRO® brand hook & loop tape to create your own resealable GalleryPouch™ bubble bags for less money.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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