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Plexiglas® Non-Glare Acrylic 1/10"
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This product has been replaced with Acrylite P99 Non-Glare Acrylic.

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Non-Glare Acrylic - High quality framing grade acrylic with Non-Glare matte surface used to cover and protect artwork in a picture frame. (Note: Matte surface may result in slight loss of sharpness) More optically pure and lighter weight than glass. Surface is slightly etched to reduce the glare allowing the artwork more visibility in difficult lighting conditions. The loss of sharpness is more evident the farther the acrylic is mounted from the art, so the sharpness is better when using 4-ply mat board than with 8-ply matboard, although the difference is very slight. The acrylic is impact resistant making it easy to work with and safe for use in children’s rooms, sports areas, and with irreplaceable artwork. We recommend Craftics microfiber cloth for safe cleaning without scratching and Brillianize to safely clean your acrylic.

Note: Our acrylic saw generally makes a very clean cut, however the edges are considered unfinished.

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