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Acrylic Glazing for Picture Frames

Acrylic, an alternative to traditional glass glazing, is optically pure, lightweight and impact resistant. Our high-quality Acrylite® acrylic sheets are suitable for any picture framing project, large or small.

We offer acrylic glazing options that feature:

  • Non-glare: A slightly etched surface reduces the glare to allow more visibility of the artwork
  • UV-Filter: A conservation grade solution that blocks harmful UV rays
  • UV/Non-glare: With both UV protection and a non-glare surface, this protects and enhances framed artwork

For an in-depth guide to choosing acrylic, read our acrylic selection guide

Standard Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Framing grade

Non-Glare Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Framing grade with Non-Glare matte surface

UV Filter Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Conservation grade with 98% UV protection

UV / Non-Glare Acrylic, 1/10 inch (.098")
Conservation grade with 98% UV protection and
Non-Glare matte surface

Acrylic Cleaning Supplies

Don't use regular cleaning supplies on acrylic! You may end up damaging the glazing.
Glass, Acrylic and Document Cleaning Supplies

Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner & Polish

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Microfiber Smooth Towel

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Acrylic sheets are the most durable and economical glazing solutions available. Although glass is the traditional material, acrylic has unbeatable characteristics: for one, it is virtually indestructible. Its strength is particularly useful for children’s rooms, indoor sports areas and even museums, where broken glass could irreparably damage valuable artwork.