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Nielsen Frames From Frame Destination

Nielsen picture frames from are the finest ready-made picture frames available. Nielsen Bainbridge picture frames are museum-quality frames recognized by professionals as the best choice for framing art-quality photographs quickly and easily.

Frame Destination offers Nielsen frames wholesale with several different sizes of mat board so that you are sure to find the exact fit you need for the most popular sizes of photographs. Our Gallery Collection Nielsen frames come with durable glass glazing, Artcare archival 8-ply mat board with a bevel cut edge, as well as Artcare foamboard mount board. Mat boards for Nielsen Bainbridge frames come with different sized mat board openings so you are sure to find the size you desire.

Nielsen photo frames come in the popular eight by ten portrait-oriented mat size. This is a perfect size for your favorite headshots and other portraits of family members and friends that you want in a large size for display.

Archival-quality mat and mount boards are used to preserve your quality prints for years to come. These products are acid free, which helps to reduce deterioration of your fine artwork that can occur when acids are allowed to touch the print surface. Nielsen metal frames, used in conjunction with Artcare mat and mount board, will help to preserve your art work for the long term.

The thickness of the mat and mount boards play a part in the preservation of your artwork contained in the Nielsen frames. Thicker mat board allows for better air circulation within the frame, so that no condensation can occur within the Nielsen picture frames. Moisture on the surface of a piece of artwork, whether a photograph or a painting, can cause irreparable damage to the art. This common problem can be solved with a thicker mat board, so that the artwork is farther away from the glazing and thus a layer of air is between the art and the glazing, allowing for greater air circulation that can help to protect your piece of art.

Larger photographs work well with the Nielsen Bainbridge frames that come in the larger eleven by fourteen mat opening size. Smaller five by seven prints are equally well shown off in the Nielsen Bainbridge picture frames, which are sized to fit these smaller photographs. You will want to carefully measure your artwork in order to select the mat board that will best border the art within the Nielsen frames in the manner you choose.

Our Nielsen frames from are made of anodized metals that provide beautiful color to the metal, and the process also helps to harden the metal. Nielsen photo frames, along with Artcare mount and mat board, can help to protect your fine art photographs from environmental damage.