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GalleryPouch™ Premium Custom Bubble Bags

Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap Pouches to Protect your Artwork!

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GalleryPouch™ Gold w/Velcro®

GalleryPouch™ Gold w/Flap

  • Protects Picture Frames
  • Protects Canvas Gallery Wraps
  • Protects Rolled Canvas & Prints
  • Available with Resealable Velcro® brand closure
  • Smooth on Both Sides
  • Use over and over again
  • Available in 100's of Sizes
  • Custom Sizes Easily Available
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Velcro Click here if you need just the heavy duty Velcro® brand Hook & Loop Fastener Tape. Our GalleryPouch bubble bags with Velcro® brand closure come with a Velcro® brand hook & loop adhesive strip all the way across the entire opening. To save money you can buy our GalleryPouch bubble bags without the Velcro® brand closure and then add your own Velcro® brand hook & loop tape to hold the flap down. (Caution: If you are going to use a small amount of Velcro® brand hook & loop tape, make sure you do not hold the bag upside down and rely on the Velcro® brand hook & loop tape to hold your art work inside the bag.)

"We love the GalleryPouch™! We used it to transport a framed photograph (wood frame and glass). Part of our problem when we were using Bubble Wrap® for the first time was that the screws on the back of the frame poked through and damaged the frame below; a costly lesson. The GalleryPouch seems strong enough to not ever have to worry about that problem, which for us, is huge..." - Troy and Penny Gamm
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GalleryPouch™ Gold Premium bubble bags from Frame Destination use air bubbles to protect your fine artwork from damage during storage or transportation. The reusable bubble wrap pouch features your choice of openings on either the short or long side. The Bubble bag art pouch opens easily with a flap, or you have the added option of adding a Velcro® brand fastener for even greater protection. Perfect for art protection, the GalleryPouch™ is smooth on both sides and constructed of tough 3/16 inch polyethylene which also allows the artwork to be easily seen through it. Bubble pouches also make excellent gallery packaging for shipping fine artwork.

The art pouch is available in over one hundred standard sizes or can be custom made to your specifications. Artists and gallery owners will find several convenient uses for this art protector, including protection for matted artwork, mounted artwork, framed artwork, empty frames, stretcher bars with or without canvas, glass art such as stained glass, mixed media, collectibles like records or china, sculpture and even camera lenses. Framed artwork can be given extra protection inside the bags by using cardboard frame corner protectors. Bubble bags are also available for storing tube-shaped items such as rolled prints or canvas, as well as tripods.

Our heavy duty bubble bags are the ideal way to transport your framed art to and from art shows and galleries while protecting it from damage at the same time. The GalleryPouch™ for artwork protection will saves time and hassle. Our goal is to make your art packing job quick and easy so you can spend more time creating and selling your artwork.